500 Count (1/2 lb) Red Wiggler Live Worms- Composting, Feeding, Fishing

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500 Count (1/2 lb) Live Worms (Red Wigglers):   Great worms for composting (vermicomposting), feeding pets, fishing, kid experiments and more.  Shipped in breathable bags-packaged in peat moss, packed in shredded cardboard inside a box. Includes worm receiving instructions.

Live Worms Guarantee for shipment per our shipping policy conditions.

500-Worms (1/2-lb) in Bag:  $31.95 + 9.99 Shipping USPS

Our Work Hard Worms' Red Wigglers (Eisenia Fiteda) are quality fresh farm raised worms.  Most around 1.5 to 3 inches in length.  Red Wigglers last longer than many other worms in water plus have a great wiggle factor attracting fish.  The benefits of using these worms for vermicomposting is amazing (information on our website about vermicomposting). Also, Red Wigglers are high-protein for feeding birds, reptiles and other pets.

Worm Shipping:  Worms usually takes 1-2 days to process and are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, typically 2-3 day delivery.  **We are able to ship live worms to all of the 48 Continental United States as well as Alaska. We are unable to ship live worms to Hawaii due to their governing laws.


**** Instructions ***Please read before purchasing live worms****

Shipping / Receiving Worm Delivery:

We offer a Live Worms Guarantee for shipment per our shipping policy conditions.

Please make sure you are prepared and ready to receive your order of worms by following these instructions. Worm orders can not be canceled once processing has started.

1.  If you are using your worms with the intent of keeping them alive for fishing, worm farming, or other purposes, you must make sure you have adequate habitat for the worms ready before they arrive.

2.  You must be able to receive the worms at your physical location.  There will be no deliveries to PO boxes.  

3.  You must have a person at your physical location who can remove the worms from their packaging immediately once delivered.  The worms are temperature sensitive and can't be left in temperature extremes like a hot/cold mailbox or very hot front door, etc.  If you can't receive the shipment at your physical location, contact us ahead of time and we will notify the Post Office to hold the shipment for pickup so the worms are held in a conditioned space.  Live guarantee is void if one is not at physical address to receive the worms.

4. As soon as the worms arrive, follow the included Live Worm Receiving Instructions to re-hydrate and condition the worms for their new habitat.

Your order will include mostly the "Red Wiggler" composting worm, Eisenia Fetida.  We say "mostly" because, very often, worm bins contain other Eisenia species as well. Every reasonable effort is made to keep the red wigglers in the worm bin; however, a pure species population is only possible in impractical, strictly controlled laboratory conditions.  

Further Shipping Policy Details:
Every effort is made to keep worms alive during the shipping process.  Therefore, worms in bait cups will be shipped USPS First Class and bags will be shipped by USPS priority mail (typically 2-3 day delivery) most of the time only early in the weeks that exclude federal holidays.  We will also monitor weather conditions and may defer shipping if the worms will be subjected to extreme temperatures at the time of shipping or during any time of the transport time.  Should this delay due to weather occur, we will contact you by e-mail to inform you of the delay.  You must begin care of the worms within 1-2 hours of them being delivered to you.  We will not ship to PO boxes. If your shipping address changes after you place the order, the live guarantee is void. Live worm guarantee is only good for one re-shipment.

Packaging - Worms:
Worms are counted the day of packing and are packed in peat moss and feed bedding. We usually add extra worms.  The worms will and often do lose some water weight to the peat moss as it is considered a "dry" packing material.  Therefore the worms may be somewhat smaller and lethargic upon arrival due to the slight dehydration and stress the worms experience in shipping.  See receiving instructions to condition and hydrate worms upon arrival.