Our Worm Farm Start Up

By Traci J.  aka "Anne Lid"
2 minute read

We are very excited that you are interested in our worm farm start up and store.  We strongly believe that as business owners, the importance of working for the earth and the people that call it home should always be part of our drive and focus.  With these ideas in mind, we hope that you are able to use our products in ways that beautify the places around you or provide you with a sense of peace.

Just how does someone become a worm farmer, you might ask.  Stay tuned.  We promise to tell you that story.  Along the way, in our weekly blog, we hope to share other great stories and information that makes you feel like you are up to the level of Paul Harvey, so that you can drop all information worm related at your next social event.  No?  Not wanting that much?  Well, we are worm farmers, but maybe we can fit in the story of how our mascot came to be.

In the mean time, with spring here, remember that you can  liven up your indoor spaces with house plants.  Deciding on a fig plant vs. snake plant?  Check out some plant and planter options here.  After deciding on the plant and planter you want, order your vermicompost here.

Are you ready to compost yourself, or even try your own worm farming?  We have supplies to help get you started here.   

If you are not needing plants or compost supplies, but would love to learn about our Eww Crew team, check out our farm videos here.  Check back with us as we release worm farm videos every couple of weeks.  Would you love your own Eww Crew t-shirt?  We can fix you up!  Just click here for all your Eww Crew apparel.

Did we say how much we love education?!  Check our education and FAQ page here.  We would love to support teachers, students, and life-long learners in any way we can.  (We will have tours at our worm farm one day, and would love to have you visit our place.)  We believe in environmental responsibility.  To support this ideal, we will donate 5% of all profits to our favorite environmental non-profit, Trees, Water, and People.  You can check out their work towards eliminating global warming here.