About Us

Worm farmers are not just born everyday, right?  Well, the short answer is "no."  The worm farmers of East Texas' Work Hard Worms company got their start from Kevin James' desire to always have a business of his own and Traci James' desire to always have a business that contributed to the environment.  Kevin grew up on a farm and has a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering contributing to his intense focus on quality products and lean manufacturing processes.  Traci is a Registered Nurse and has a degree in Biology which provided her the knowledge of the science behind the benefits of vermicomposting. 

In 2019, those combined interests brought about Work Hard Worms worm farm.  Beginning in their home with one pound of worms, a burning interest in the business of vermicomposting and a lot of determination, these two have worked many hours after hours during the week and weekends on moving their farm to a small piece of land just outside of Marshall, Texas.  Beginning in early 2022, the operation has become big enough to host a website and a commercial vermicomposting business.

Family, friends, and strangers have reacted in many ways.  Some of them have even said, "Eww, worms?!"  And there we have it!--from that frequent reaction, Traci came up with the idea that the Work Hard Worms' crew would be the Eww Crew!

The future for this worm farm looks bright.  The Eww Crew looks forward to fulfilling their business goals of promoting gardening, vermicomposting, worm farming, environmental awareness, and supporting community, families and neighbors.  Be sure that you check back often to see the new things happening with our worm farm.