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Autumn Fern House Plant in 4", 6" Pot, Japanese Wood, Copper Shield

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Autumn Fern (Japanese Wood fern, Copper Shield fern) House Plant in choice of 4", 6" Nursery Pot.  WorkHardWorms is so proud to be able to offer you this beautiful house plant to warm your spaces.


Our founder, aka "Anne Lid" loves ferns, and this one is her favorite!

  • Botanical Name: Dryopteris erythrosora
  • Common Name(s): Autumn Fern, Japanese Wood Fern, Copper Shield Fern
  • Description: Native to east Asia, the Autumn Fern is a semi-evergreen whose papery leaves turn reddish-copper during the early growth and matures to a dark green. Preferring warmer climates and partial shade, it is commonly used as an ornamental perennial indoors and outdoors due to its bold color changes.


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