Boogie Brew

Boogie Brew BASE, 8 LB, Wood Humus, Castings, Activated Bio-Char & Minerals

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(8-LB) Boogie Base© is a superb blend of quality amendments, developed by Boogie Brew to cover all the bases in building a super-colony for your plants’ rhizosphere, (root zone). In this critical subterranean space, the all-inclusive mix of inputs employed in Boogie Base© work tremendously to maximize complex relationships between the plant, microorganisms and soil. A growing-media’s chemistry, including pH and nitrogen-availability, can be influenced in a profoundly positive manner by the beneficial conditions rendered from Boogie-Base’s unique combination of carbon digesters and bio-stimulants. Basically, if you really want to set the stage for your plants to dance, then provide them with an ultimate baseline of valuable ingredients contained in Boogie Base©!

CA Customers: Vendor is dealing with LABEL issues, therefore your Base will arrive UNLABELED, (bulk brown-bagged only). Same good stuff, minus a label!


BOOGIE-BASE© may be used along with other ingredients of choice in Compost Tea recipes at the rate of 1/2 to 1 full cup per 5 gallons of tea. BOOGIE-BASE© can also be added to soil at a rate of 2 cups per cu. ft of potting / transplant media.

To make a full strength batch, (5 gallons) of Heavy Harvest© Boogie Brew® Tea, add 1/2 cup of Boogie Base© (PART A) to half a cup of Boogie Boost© (PART B). 

INGREDIENTS: Worm Castings, Composted Wood Chips, Bio-Char, Trace Ocean Minerals, Volcanic Rock Ash & Fossilized Kelp.


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