Boogie Brew

Boogie Brew BRIX (4 LB), Optimize Compost Tea Brewed for Plants & Gardening

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(4-LB)  Use Boogie Brix to optimize your compost tea & growing mediums carbohydrate profile.  WorkHardWorms is proud to offer this amazing product.  Apply immediately after brewing.

Boost your biological activity with broad spectrum carbohydrate chains and essential organic additives in Boogie Brix!

The total dissolved solids in your plants’ liquid mass, commonly known as “BRIX” levels, include not only carbohydrates, but also essential components like hormones, amino acids, oils & minerals. As brix increases, so does weight along with vastly improved taste & nutrition. Insects prefer lower brix levels. Thus, optimizing your soil’s carbohydrate profile improves plants’ defenses against invasive bugs.

When nutrients are made available to the microbes which convert them into food sources for plants, brix levels rise. Help your plants to reach their full biological potential by boosting micro-organism activity with useful elements in the form of long & short chain sugars (complex & simple carbohydrates), from molasses and other sugar sources including the essential organic additives found only in Boogie Brix!

More Benefits:

• Uses a unique custom formula of complex & simple carbohydrates tested and developed by us.
• Adds richness, flavor, taste, nutritional content and above all weight to your produce!
• Boosts SMO (Soil Micro-Organism) activity, facilitates effective translocation of nutrients.
• Highly effective organic formula creates outrageous quality from superior ingredients!

When using Boogie Brix you may use a chlorine-filter like the Boogie-Blue Water Filter at WorkHardWorms website to protect and preserve soil biology.

Superb results when used along with a Compost Tea program. Generally, this means adding Boogie Brix to your soil, in-between tea applications. Try to apply Boogie Brix on separate days from other Brewed Tea.

INGREDIENTS: Soluble, dried, 100% food-grade Molasses Powder, Dry Barley & Corn Malt Extracts, Sea-Solid Trace Minerals, Soluble Kelp Extract (Ascophyllum Nodosum), Humic-Acid Crystals.

Apply Boogie Brix up to 3 times a week as a soil drench, at 1 Teaspoon per gallon. Use up till final week of harvest. As a foliar spray apply 1 Teaspoon per gallon.

IMPORTANT: To avoid bacterial bloom, (when tea “peaks” early and subsequently dies-off), ONLY mix with other Tea AFTER your tea has brewed, (immediately before applying to your soil). The reason for this? Well, the microbes that are activated in your compost tea will engage in an all-out feeding frenzy should you add too much sugar to your brew.  This can create total havoc as the risk of a total “die-off” can then occur during the critical brewing process. The beneficial bacteria can feast themselves to a point where they no longer have any food-sources left….sounds contradictory, we know, but we’ve seen it happen with alarming frequency…….a grower will ruin a perfectly good batch of tea by adding way too much sugar!

The general rule of thumb: “They don’t need much dessert; they already have an excellent main course!”. There is an exception to this though, and it applies when your tea is more than a couple of days old. At this point, introducing a “dessert” to the microbes’ food sources can actually serve to enhance quality. It’s all about balance and moderation! Apply SPARINGLY, (1teaspoon/gal), to extend the life of tea that has already been brewing for more than 36 to 48 hours.

#2) Do make quick use of your tea. -From “The Do’s and Don’ts of Brewing” This is #2!!!

“Infuse it and use it”. Allowing fresh Boogie Brew to sit around and “peak” is all too easy a mistake and is counter-productive to effective soil colonization. To truly benefit from a good compost tea’s root zone enhancing qualities, it should be used immediately after brewing. Try not to let your tea stagnate for more than two hours: Take advantage of all that bio-activity & drive fresh life into your soil ASAP!

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