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Pure Protein Dry 1-lb (1, 2 or 4-Pack), (15-1-1) Fish Fertilizer Organic Aminos Hydrolysate

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Pure Protein Dry, 1-lb bag (Qty= 1, 2 or 4-Pack Option), (15-1-1), is an Organic Fish Fertilizer which renders an abundance of Amino Acids made from Cod Fish Hydrolysate


  • UPC = 760921270875
  • Most complete organic fertilizer, fulfills 70-80% of plant nutritional needs
  • PH Perfect, 15-1-1 is an excellent source of nitrogen
  • Completely water-soluble and non-toxic to surrounding environment
  • Rapid results, cost-effective, easy to apply, apply infrequently
  • 1-lb bag (QTY Options= 1, 2 or 4-Packs)
    What are you spraying on your plants? Hopefully something natural and non-toxic, right?  Sadly, most “spray & grow” products sold today are made with chemically-derived fertilizer “salts” that can easily burn leaf tissue, not to mention their horrendous impacts on our environment. PURE-PROTEIN powder, on the other hand, is simply incredible: A one-stop amino acid-treatment for both leaf and soil application, which, when used even as a stand-alone foliar spray, creates phenomenal growth and lush, healthy leaf structure. Combine PURE-PROTEIN as a weekly treatment alongside Boogie Brew Tea for outrageous results!  Boost your garden to unprecedented levels of vitality with two of nature’s greatest plant superchargers:  Boogie Brew & PURE-PROTEIN!

    PURE-PROTEIN contains 100% pure, hydrolyzed cod-fish protein which renders an abundance of amino acids instantly bio-available to plant cells. In turn, this builds a powerful “super-structure” for your plants’ entire leaf, stem and root-tissue mass. PURE-PROTEIN, when sprayed regularly as a foliar tonic, coupled with frequent applications of Boogie-Brew Tea, is guaranteed to transform you into an instant master-gardener and help you to achieve true “horticultural excellence”!

    We’ve witnessed what happens when farmers keep using toxic products to raise their crops: Erosion, dead soil, endless cycles of crop diseases and pest/pathogen invasions, along with destroyed water-sheds and eco-systems affected by all the nitrate run-off. Consider the impact on ground-water supplies from the endless assault of chemical fertilizers that most farmers rely on for crop-growth.

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