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SEA-90 Sea Mineral, 40LB, by Boogie Brew, Organic Garden Crop Fertilizer

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SEA-90 Sea Mineral (40 lb) - Organic Mineral & Trace Element

Garden & Crop Fertilizer – OMRI listed food grade product for people and livestock health.  WorkHardWorms is proud to offer this amazing product.


Thirty years of research goes into making this product. Some believe it is “The Most Complete Mineral & Trace Element Product Ever!”

SEA-90 sea mineral is a result of the research provided by Maynard Murray MD, (1900-1982), a pioneer of sea energy agriculture. Early in his career, Dr. Murray realized that Americans were living longer, but chronic diseases were steadily increasing. He found that soils and foods grown therein had become critically mineral deficient due to erosion, leaching and poor soil management. Farmers were using greater amounts of fertilizers and chemicals to increase production, yet the results were mineral-deficient crops & livestock.

Doctor Murray learned that ocean water contains from 85 to 92 naturally balanced trace elements, and that sea life inhabiting unpolluted oceans rarely ever exhibited any disease symptoms. After establishing the relationship between ocean minerals and health, he experimented with sea solids for the purpose of vitalizing soil.

In order to conduct his research, Dr. Murray needed a source of dry sea-minerals. Fortunately, he found one location in the northern hemisphere where sea-solids are created naturally by solar dehydration from pristine ocean water and he began to prove his theories.

After thirty years of research, he concluded that crops fed with sea minerals grow better than those produced using conventional methods. Crops exhibited larger yields, plus significant natural disease & insect resistance. Plant tissue analyses indicated higher vitamin, sugar & protein levels plus livestock were shown to prefer sea-mineral enriched feed-stock.

Dr. Murray’s sea mineral solids, now trademarked SEA-90, is a 100% natural & water-soluble mined mineral listed by the Organic Materials & Review Institute for the production of organic food & livestock.

SEA-90 sea-mineral solids are produced bi-annually in a pristine location from fresh sea water rich in trace elements. Intense solar dehydration removes all water. Rain never falls on SEA-90: This guarantees that all of the vital minerals & trace elements are in the perfect proportions and quantities found only in pure ocean water.

SEA-90 solubilizes to disburse a full spectrum of vital trace elements into the soil following a thorough rain or watering, as well as easily dissolving for foliar and drip applications. In addition,SEA-90 can be offered free choice to livestock or mixed into feed-stock & supplements.


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