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Worm Factory Basic, 3 Tray Composting Bin (360 w/o extras), by Natures Footprint

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WorkHardWorms is proud to offer the Worm Factory Basic, 3- Tray Composting Bin for your Worm Farm / Composting by Nature's Footprint, Made in U.S.A. Flow thru bin design, stackable trays (worm factory 360 without the extras, 3- tray. FREE SHIPPING or local pick up at WorkHardWorms.

*NEW OFFERING!* This Worm Factory features the same working parts as a Worm Factory 360 without the extras, for an affordable entry level product to get you composting! Includes 3 trays, lid, stand with built in collection tray and spigot, set up guide, and bedding materials to get you started.


Features w/ Worm Factory Basic:

• Houses 8-12 thousand worms that consume 5-8 pounds of food per week
• Year-round production
• Odor Free operation
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Built in leachate collector tray and spigot
• 30 year life expectancy
• Expandable up to 6 trays
• Easy to assemble and manage
• 5 year warranty on parts and workmanship
• Made with post consumer recycled materials
• Comes with “Quick-Tips” lid for easy reference
• Also includes online instructional video link! 


What’s Included with Worm Factory Basic:

  • 3 Trays
  • “Quick Tips” instructions on lid
  • Improved base and lid design for better air circulation
  • Start up instruction booklet
  • Link to video guide for beginners
  • Start-up worm bedding


Not Included with Worm Factory 360 :

 Live Worms are not included 


Can Not Ship To :

 Hawaii, Canada, Alaska or outside United States