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2-Pack, Boogie Blue Plus Garden Hose Water Filter, Outdoor & RV Use, 45k Gallon

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(2) Boogie Blue PLUS Garden hose Water Filters to provide filtrated chemical reduced water for your garden, worm farm, spa, recreational vehicle and many other uses.  High Capacity up to 45,000 gallon lifespan.  Removes Chlorine, Chloramine, VOCs, Pesticides/Herbicides. High max flow rate of 4.5 GPM.
1. Includes (2) Boogie Blue Plus Garden Hose Water Filters
2. May also includes Sample- 1/2lb of Frass , Sample Boogie Brew Compost Tea & Burlap Brew Bag
3. Product is Made in USA by Boogie Brew
4. Fits standard 3/4-inch water hose fittings


Boogie Blue Plus water hose filter can be easily installed on any standard 3/4" hose and removes Chlorine, Chloramines, VOCs, Pesticides/Herbicides Boogie Blue Plus High Capacity Filter up to 45,000 gallon lifespan - The Organic Gardener's Choice.

While sterilizing water may be necessary for ensuring the public’s health and safety, such sanitization can be harmful to you and your plants. These chemicals also ruin your soil and eliminate any chances of brewing an effective batch of beneficial biology in your compost tea.

We have used the USA Boogie Brew Filters here at our Worm farm for years and still use them exclusively. 

The new and improved Boogie Blue Plus Water Filter will take your city water from a man-made cocktail of chemicals, back to the way nature intended, and it will do it faster, better and for longer than any competitor's garden / RV filters.

Use it to keep your RV tank sediment free while improving the taste and smell of your drinking water.

Use it in your garden to protect ladybugs, lacewings, nematodes, and other beneficial garden insects and bacteria necessary for your plants to thrive. Perfect for organic farmers.

Hose water filter used for filling your hot tub, spa or pool, or to make water games safer for kids and pets.

Use it when washing your car to reduce mineral deposit spots.


What’s in the box:

2 Boogie Blue Plus Water Filter

1 Instruction Manual and proper care instructions

The Boogie Blue PLUS Water Filter removes up to 99% of the Chlorine and 87% of the Chloramine, and reduces all levels of volatile compounds, toxins, heavy metals, insecticides/ herbicides present in the water.

Technical Info:

Service Life: 45,000 Gallons

Water temperature range: 40-100 ̊F

Maximum rate: 4.5 GPM

Slow rate: 0.5 GPM

Pressure range: 20 psi – 125 PSI (Typical household pressure is between 25-30 PSI).


Filters should be replaced each season depending on usage, or when the flow slows down, or if indicated by a chlorine test.

WARNING: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the filter. To reduce the risk of property damage due to water leakage, this filter MUST be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. This filter unit must be replaced at the rated capacity, or sooner if reduced flow occurs. Protect from freezing. Failure to follow instructions and operating specifications will cause damage to this filter. Further, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility or liability for damages arising out of misuse of the product.


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