BULK Worm Castings Vermicompost, Soil Builder Organic Fertilizer, All Natural

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Pictures show small Castings Pile before covering.  Casting quality control moisture level is maintained to provide non-smothered or dried out castings (to keep Microbes alive).

From your favorite little worm farm--Love flourishing healthy plants?  So do we!  Give your plants the best chance at optimal growth by using our Work Hard Worms' worm castings, aka vermicompost, aka worm poop, mixed with your soil.  For the plant world, these castings are like vitamins and yogurt in one product as they contain the minerals plants need along with doses of healthy soil bacteria.  You will not have need of mixing up bright blue fertilizer ever again.  (Read all about how organic fertilizers are far superior to manufactured fertilizers in our Education/FAQ page.)

Options: (Local Pickup or $0.60/mile Delivery - Contact Us)
1. 25-lb Bucket = $37.95
2. 26-59 lbs = $1.50 per lb
3. 60-149 lbs = $1.25 per lb
4. 150-lbs plus  = $1.00 per lb
5. 250-lbs = $250
6. 500-lbs = $500   
7. 1000-lbs = $1000  

(**ask for new customer discount on 150-lbs plus)   

Instructions for suggested mixing the vermicompost will be included with your order.

You can meet ourr Eww Crew members by clicking here or checking our our "About Us" section.)  You will also love that 5% of all our sales are donated to Rainforest US to continue their important work in preventing rainforest deforestation in Central America.

For this product, you will receive almost 100% worm castings.   What does the "almost 100%" claim mean?  We harvest our worm bins using a 1/8" screener without diluting them; however, the screening process does allow occasional 1/8" size bits of wood chips through.  However, the "other stuff" that gets through is organic compost, so, no worries, it will not harm your plants. 

Measure your pot and find out how much soil you will need with the calculator below:  

**Please note:  

Quantities using the below calculator will show you total volume of soil needed to fill a certain pot size.  For best results, we recommend that you mix the vermicompost with another soil base at a 70% base/30% vermicompost mix.)  

If you are wanting vermicompost that's already mixed with a general starter soil, please click here instead.

We regularly monitor and maintain the moisture content in our castings.  For more information on this process, visit our Education/Frequetly Asked Questions Page here.