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Worm Factory 360, 4 Tray Composter, Made in USA, Nature's Footprint

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Worm Factory 360 4- Tray Composter Bin for your Worm Farm / Composting by Nature's Footprint, Made in U.S.A. Flow thru bin design, stackable trays.  Available options: 2 extra Trays, Live Worms.


Features w/ Standard Worm Factory 360:

• Standard Unit is compact w/ 4-Trays and expandable up to 6-trays

 Made in U.S.A, high quality post consumer recycled plastic

 Color:  Black

 Create compost year-round, indoors / outdoors

 5 year limited warranty, 30 year life expectancy

 Odor free operation year round

 Houses 8-12 thousand worms that can consume 5-8 pounds of food waste per week

• Built in leachate collector tray and spigot

• Easy to assemble and manage


What’s Included with Standard Worm Factory 360:

 4 Trays, Black (Standard unit comes with 4-Trays)

 Start-up worm bedding kit

 Glacial Rock Dust Minerals

 Accessory kit includes: hand rake, and scraper

• Improved base and lid design for better air circulation

 “Quick Tips” instructions on lid

 Start up instruction booklet

 Link to online 4 chapter video guide for beginners and 80 page manual


Not Included with Standard Worm Factory 360 :

 Live Worms are not included unless you purchase options 2 or 4 below that includes a Voucher for 1/2-lb (approx 500) Live Composting Worms.  You will receive a voucher for the worms that you can apply as soon as you are ready for them to be shipped.  Usually ship same week as order (allow up to two weeks).


Purchase Options, see Website (all Black in Color):

1) Worm Factory 360 , 4-Trays (Standard Unit)

2) Worm Factory 360 , 4-Trays, w/  1/2lb Live Worms Voucher

3) Worm Factory 360 , 6-Trays (Standard Unit w/ 2 Extra Trays)

4) Worm Factory 360 , 6-Trays w/ 1/2lb Live Worms Voucher (Standard Unit w/ 2 Extra Trays & approximately 500 Live Composting Worms Voucher)


Can Not Ship To :

 Hawaii, Canada, Alaska or outside United States